Instructional Design and Technology

Asynchronous Training

on September 23, 2012

Example: Asynchronous Training

In an effort to improve its poor safety record, a biodiesel manufacturing plant needs a series of safety training modules. These stand-alone modules must illustrate best practices on how to safely operate the many pieces of heavy machinery on the plant floor. The modules should involve step-by-step processes and the method of delivery needs to be available to all shifts at the plant. As well, the shift supervisors want to be sure the employees are engaged and can demonstrate their learning from the modules.

To begin a safety-training module one must start with determining where the training will take place.  For this biodiesel manufacturing plant the module must be designed to accommodate each shift of employees.  Since, there are multiple shifts the training would be best completed individually.  For individual instruction creating a video demonstration with quizzes at the end of each segment and then a final assessment at the end of the entire training would allow for each employee to demonstrate knowledge and retention for the desired outcome.  Setting up this virtual learning environment would allow for “testing, outside of class time” (Simonson, Smaldino, Albright, & Zvacek, 2012. P 183). 

The objective in training “is to ensure that employees obtain the knowledge, skills, and abilities” (SafetySkills, 2012) for the environment in which they work.  The National Safety Council also offers online training programs that organizations can customize for their workplace environments. The courses are offered in English and Spanish and give companies the ability to prevent incidents and fines.


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