Instructional Design and Technology


on October 28, 2012
  • What do you think the perceptions of distance learning will be in the future (in 5–10 years; 10–20 years)?

With ever changing technologies the future of distance education is rapidly growing.  Over the next 5-10 years I see online learning becoming more defined and well knows.  And then over the next 10-20 years distance education will be greatly recognized as an educational setting just as or more rigorous than the classroom setting.

Just as technology is changing, so are the instructors/facilitators.  “As “old heads” retire and new, more technologically literate young instructors replace them” (Hyatt, 1998, 10).  When the instructor turnover is more complete the educational world will have newer blood, which leads to newer ideas and more innovative thinking. Online education can begin anywhere.  Some instructors started by creating a blended learning environment were they held class in an online chat room one night a week (Hyatt).


  • How can you as an instructional designer be a proponent for improving societal perceptions of distance learning?

As I enter the world of Instruction Design (ID), I will continue to evolve with the ever-changing times and allow for the research and study of what new inventions/methods evolve.  As more and more programs become available as online courses, I will help in promoting positive settings and opening the eyes of skeptics to the world of distance education.


  • How will you be a positive force for continuous improvement in the field of distance education?

I have taken courses online and have taught classes through a belended environment. To shine a positive light on the field of distance education I would like to continue to offer my classes (at the high school level) in a blended setting.  I am unable to move class to solely online, but will continue to add to the rigor of my programs by having the students participate in online discussions and post.  Entering into the distance education environment allows for “learning opportunities at a time and place convenient for the learner” (Kaufman, 2001, Pg25)



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