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Estimating Costs and Time in Instructional Design

on November 30, 2012

One of the difficult parts of being a project manager is coming with the projected budget for any given project. The two sites listed here give the same information and breakdown the design time per hour of instruction.  This breakdown is not just given in one way, but into the different types of learning that is going to be taken place.  Another aspect of these articles that is helpful is that there is a table that represents the percentage of time for each particular phase of the project.

Training Cost Guidelines. Retrieved from

Estimating Costs and Time in Instructional Design. Retrieved from


This website allows the ID and PM to analyze and identify the appropriate goals for the project at hand, which will lead to knowing the steps that will be necessary to the final development.

Identify Instructional Goals and Analyze Tasks



The last link discussed the use of the ADDIE model in the design development and gives good visual description of how the costs have changed over the past few years. And again we see the importance of communication – the article points out “we may not want to do it, but more communication is effective for keeping project stakeholders current and familiar with the project and its present status and issues.”

Time to Develop One Hour of Training. Retrieved from




3 responses to “Estimating Costs and Time in Instructional Design

  1. avoneyw says:

    It seems as if we both found the same stes that helped us to allocate time and resources. These sites are indeed very useful in helping us to determine estimated cost for resources. I especially like the site by Don Clark as he has been a champion in this field. Thanks for the reinforcement!

  2. Jen Goble says:

    Hi Gayle,

    I also found the ASTD article to be very helpful in estimating costs and resources. I liked the fact that the survey was repeated recently, and it was interesting to see that time estimates were actually rising, not falling. I thought that as the ID field moved towards more familiarity with designing elearning, that those time estimates dealing with elearning activities would be lower. Instead, they were often the same or higher, which leads me to believe that we are expecting more out of our elearning content and our instructional designers.

  3. Hi Gayle,
    Based on your research, which of the articles you chose would best be suited for the project that we are working on for this class. It is a good thing getting the opinions of people that are in the instuctional design field, but as we embark on the career field and I do not know your experience, which would you feel has the best information for your project?

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